State Rep. Danny McCormick talks about mask mandates imposed by the Caddo Parish Commission and Governor John Bel Edwards and his opposition to both.

The Vivian representative, who earlier had voiced dissent regarding last week's mask rule by Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, says, "Most people know I hate taxes and regulations, but I feel God's sent me to Baton Rouge to fight for something more's our liberty, it's our Christian liberty and I want to make this plain. Our motto is, 'masks aren't bad. mask mandates are.' We believe that freedoms and liberties belong to the people of Louisiana and not to the government and that's what our fight is, to have the individual choice to wear or not wear a mask."

McCormick then again emphasizes his opinion that the Governor's order isn't good for the state. "I disagree with that (the order) is a good thing. I think (people) are wearing it because they're afraid that government will punish them if they don't wear it. The government is trying to make you think they can use force to make you wear a mask and that's why people are submitting to it, not because they want to."

He than differentiates between an executive order, i.e., Mayor Perkins and legislation passes by an elected body like the Caddo Commission. "There is a difference, but both of them are illegal, the way they were both done. the Governor was putting up his local politicians to do this for him, and once they started being defeated, he had to step up and do it himself."


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