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Listen to Louisiana pop culture phenom DJ Rhett read the Louisiana classic, Cajun Night Before Christmas, to your family for Christmas!

What is the Cajun Night Before Christmas?

The poem, Cajun Night Before Christmas, is a Louisiana-themed version of the classic, The Night Before Christmas written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1822. Cajun Night Before Christmas was originally published in 1973 and was written by Trosclair and illustrated by James Rice. Trust me, if you don't have a copy of this book and you live in Louisiana, you need it. It's a Cajun classic!

Who is DJ Rhett?

DJ Rhett is an entertainer/comedian/musician from Louisiana known for his take on life in the Bayou State. That's why he's the perfect choice to read this Christmas standard for you and your family in a true 'Louisiana' accent. Okay, fine, he may exaggerate it a little. Check it out!

Cajun Night Before Christmas is available on Amazon from several sellers in case you want a hard copy for yourself. A review of the book on Amazon from January 2023 by an Amazon user named 'Roe' says, 'I purchased this book from my grandson who is only 6. He loved being read the story, but the book is truly a collectible. The beautifully covered illustrated book has the production number page inside. It comes in a protective hard cover. It will be placed on the bookshelf in a zip-lock bag for protection. So as to not depreciate it in any way I wrote a note to him and placed it inside. Truly a beautiful book.'

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