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One might think that with technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it would be easier to protect ourselves from things like Identity theft, but it is as pervasive and persisting an issue in the United States as ever. Identity theft affects tens of thousands of people each year and leading to significant financial and personal disruptions. 
Analysis conducted by, using data from the Federal Trade Commission, has shed light on which states are most affected by identity theft, based on the number of reports per 100,000 population. 

Top Ten States Most Affected by Identity Theft

 1. Georgia 

Georgia leads the list with the highest rate of identity theft reports in the country, registering 553 incidents per 100,000 people. This translates to 60,348 reports in a state with a population of approximately 10.9 million. 

 2. Louisiana 

Following closely is Louisiana, with 542 reports per 100,000 population. Despite a smaller state population of around 4.6 million, the total number of identity theft reports reached 24,898. 

 3. Florida 

Florida, known for its large retiree population, which is often targeted by identity thieves, ranks third. It recorded 111,221 reports, equating to 500 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants in a state of over 22.2 million people. 

 4. Delaware 

Delaware may have a smaller population, but the impact of identity theft is significant, with 460 reports per 100,000 individuals, totaling 4,682 reports among its 1.01 million residents. 

5. District of Columbia 

The nation's capital, though with a relatively small population, sees a high rate of identity theft cases, with 436 reports per 100,000 population. A total of 2,932 cases were reported among approximately 672,000 residents. 

 6. Nevada 

Nevada, a state famous for its bustling casino life, records 399 identity theft reports per 100,000 population. The state saw 12,672 reports from a population nearing 3.18 million. 

7. Texas 

In Texas, the second largest state by both area and population, there were 113,808 identity theft reports, which corresponds to 379 reports per 100,000 of its 30 million residents. 

8. Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania saw 47,143 identity theft reports, or 363 per 100,000 population, among its roughly 12.97 million inhabitants. 

 9. Alabama 

With a total of 17,763 reports and a rate of 350 per 100,000 people, Alabama ranks ninth among states with the highest reports of identity theft, in a population of over 5.07 million. 

10. Mississippi 

Mississippi rounds out the top ten with 349 reports per 100,000 population, totaling 10,260 reports in a state of nearly 2.94 million people. 

Phil Hoey, director of Coinjournal commented:

“This data highlights not only the prevalence of identity theft across various states but also underscores the need for robust measures to protect personal information and secure identities. From state to state, the variation in the rates of identity theft could be influenced by many factors including demographic profiles, economic conditions, and possibly even differences in law enforcement reporting systems.” 

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