On day one of 2024, the controversial bill, House Bill 648, which directly affects the, goes into effect on New Year's Day. It bans gender-affirming care for trans minors in Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed the bill previously and cited that it was "unconstitutional," but it was overridden by Republican legislators.

Edwards released a lengthy statement in response to his veto being overridden saying in part,

This bill is entitled the "Stop Harming Our Kids Act," which is ironic because that's precissly what it does."

Governor John Bel Edwards said this law should be struck down because this decision shouldn't be made by lawmakers. This is a matter between the parents and their children's, doctors. Do you agree? Or Disagree?

Meanwhile, there are a host of other laws that go into effect on or after January 1. See the complete list of new Louisiana laws below:

HB648 — Prohibits certain procedures to alter the sex of a minor child (Act 466)

HB337 — Eliminates the minimum child support award in the child support guidelines (Act 24)

HB447 — Requires agency referrals of delinquent debt to the office of debt recovery for collection to include certain information (Act 87)

HB579 — Provides relative to pet insurance (Act 94)

HB279 — Provides relative to conveying by the La. Tax Commission of ad valorem tax assessment information it receives from local assessors (Act 161)

HB398 — Requires persons being transported offshore by aircraft to wear life jackets equipped with personal locator beacons (Act 168)

HB89 — Provides relative to the collection of certain traffic stop data by law enforcement (Act 217)

SB84 — Requires the La. Board of Ethics to send certain communications electronically (Act 241)

SB186 — Provides relative to the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact (Act 263)

HB186 — Provides relative to health insurance coverage for standard fertility preservation services (Act 299)

HB411 — Expands the types of investments eligible for the insurance premium tax credit (Act 310)

HB468 — Provides relative to utilization review standards and approval procedures for healthcare service claims submitted by healthcare providers (Act 312)

SB66 — Provides relative to telehealth services (Act 322)

HB558 — Provides for the collection and remittance of state and local sales and use taxes (Act 375)

HB631 — Provides concerning the sourcing of sales for purposes of calculating Louisiana income (Act 430)

HB160 — Provides relative to rights of victims of alleged delinquent acts (Act 448)

HB221 (Jan. 8) — Provides relative to rulemaking and oversight under the Administrative Procedure Act (Act 442)

SB103 (Jan. 10) — Renames the Department of Natural Resources as the Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources (Act 150)

SB98 (July 1) — Provides for adding interest in bone marrow donorship to the list of options offered during application for renewal of a state-issued driver's license (Act 42)

HB336 (July 1) — Provides relative to the capital outlay process and reporting requirements (Act 82)

SB162 (July 1) — Creates the Secure Online Child Interaction and Age Limitation Act (Act 456)

SB217 (July 1) — Creates a statewide database for individuals convicted of child abuse/neglect (Act 460)

HB376 (Aug. 1) — Provides relative to protective orders (Act 309)

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