What would you do if you walked into one of our IHOP restaurants in Longview or Tyler, Texas and the place was just...empty?

I mean, sure, we know that there had been a labor shortage, and when times are tight perhaps businesses are running with a lighter crew of servers and cooks. Because of that, it may not be all too surprising to see fewer staff when we walk into a place of business.

But no one at all? Like, not one employee in the entire place?

This man walked into an IHOP in Texas (International House of Pancakes) and found the place was empty. Like, crickets.

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A man who goes by Death Core Chef on TikTok walked into the IHOP and, after looking and double-checking and calling out for any employees, decided to use his chef skills and walk back to the kitchen to make himself something to eat.

Since he is a chef, he felt confident in the restaurant kitchen, and added in his TikTok video that he had all of the safety certifications in place in case someone did happen to walk in while he was preparing his meal.

Sadly, we never got to see what he created.

He said he thought it looked as if there may have been an employee walk-out.

After eating his food, the man continued the video as he was walking out of the Texas IHOP.

He said he felt bad leaving without paying, but since he didn't know how to access the payment system he asked IHOP to bill him for his food.

He continued to leave the location and shared his utter confusion over the situation. The video ends with him walking toward what appears to be his possible home and he said he was going to bed. He also said it was an interesting way to start his birthday, which would presumably have been yesterday.

People commenting on his TikTok page had many responses to the video that were funny, concerning, and/or thought-provoking.

Some of the commenters laughed about the incident or asked what he had created in the IHOP kitchen. Others speculated where the missing employees may have been. One person asked a question that crossed our minds, as well. A commenter named 'Britt' said:

'What’s crazy to me is no one else showed up looking to dine at the ihop '

Yeah, us too! I mean what are the odds that not one person had already wandered in and had a seat waiting for the server that would never come?

And when will we hear from IHOP? We'll keep an eye out and update this story.

What would you have done if you'd walked into an empty IHOP?

Here's the video in its entirety:

@deathcorechef Just send me the bill @IHOP I didn’t have access to the POS system ‍♂️ #fyp#deathcorechef#culinary#chef#veteran♬ original sound - Deathcore Chef

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