Social media is abuzz over a Halloween costume a local man has worn to win a couple of costume contests. James "Bubba" Pendarvis won the contest at What's on Tap II and he also won the contest and a cash prize at Horseshoe.

Pendarvis was wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey with the name changed. Witnesses say "he sang the National Anthem and everyone stood up. Not only was it great but hilarious as well. Oh and he was NOT wearing black face. His costume was such that if he tried to kneel down, the soldier on his back would prevent such a despicable gesture."

Horseshoe issued this statement:

"In response to comments we have received concerning The Monster Ball Costume Contest: The winner of the costume contest was awarded his prize based on the popular votes of the guests in attendance, and not by our property staff. Since that time, photos have been altered which misrepresent the contest winner as appearing in black face - which he was not. As a company that embraces inclusion, we apologize to all those who are offended."

But critics claim the costume was racist and Pendarvis was wearing some sort of makeup on his face. In a statement posted online, Pendarvis says that is absolutely not true.

"Im my defense, I stand for the flag, I dont like protesters, my outfit was my 1st amendment rights, it was a costume for Halloween, showing my distaste for a man the clearly hates America. I used to watch NFL. But never again. I believe in standing up for the Anthem. In return Kaepernick got this outfit from me! If it offends anyone other than Kaepernick himself so!" Pendarvis also told KEEL News: "there was no blackface at all. It was just a costume about Kaepernick ruining my football. Thats it."

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