Everywhere I went over the past few days, folks were talking about the Powerball jackpot. The prize has been growing quickly since the Wednesday night drawing.

That talk will continue at least until Monday night. There was no big winner Saturday night, so the jackpot for Monday night's drawing climbs to a whopping $1.9 billion dollars. The lump sum payout will reach $929 million.

Here Are the Winners in Louisiana of Some of the Cash:

A Shreveport ticket sold at the Super S store on Roy Road is worth $50,000


Another ticket sold at Go Bears in Grand Coteau is worth $50 grand and a ticket sold at the Perkins Road Circle K in Baton Rouge also wins $50,000 dollars.


The Saturday night prize climbed to a record breaking $1.657 billion dollars. That easily surpasses the largest jackpot of all time. The previous top dog among lottery prizes was $1.5 billion dollar Powerball from 2016. That prize was split by 3 winning tickets. 2nd on the list of all time prizes is now the $1.537 billion Mega Millions from October 2018. One lucky ticket won that jackpot.

The winning numbers Saturday were 28, 45, 53, 56, 69 and a Powerball of 20.


Via YouTube
Via YouTube


Here’s a list of the top 20 prizes from Powerball and Mega Millions:

  1. $1.9 billionPowerball is up for grabs on Monday, November 7, 2022.
  2. $1.586 billion Powerball January 13, 2016. There were 3 winning tickets for this prize. These tickets were purchased in Tennessee, Florida, and California. Each had the option to take a lump sum of $327.8 million.
  3. $1.537 billion Mega Millions October 2018. There was one winning ticket purchased in South Carolina. The ticket was sold at a KC Mart convenience store in the town of Simpsonville. This is the largest single-ticket jackpot in U.S. history.
  4. $1.337 billion Mega Millions, July 29, 2022 one winning ticket in Illinois.
  5. $1.050 billion Mega Millions ($776.6 million cash)was won by the Wolverine FLL Club of Oakland County, Michigan in January of 2021.
  6. $768.4 million, Powerball won by a single ticket in Wisconsin. Cash: $477 million.
  7. $758 million, Powerball won August 24, 2018, by Mavis Wanczyk of Massachusetts. She chose the lump sum payment of $480 million.
  8. $731 million, Powerball, won by a single ticket purchased in Maryland on Jan. 20, 2021.
  9. $699 million, Powerball won on October 4, 2021 in California. The ticket was sold at an Albertson’s grocery store.
  10. $687.8 million, Powerball won Oct. 27, 2018. There were two winning tickets. One in Iowa and another in New York.
  11. $656 million, Mega Millions, won March 30, 2012, by three tickets, sold in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas. Cash: $471 million
  12. $648 million, Mega Millions, won Dec. 17, 2013, in Georgia and California. Cash: $347.6 million.
  13. $632 Million Powerball Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Two winning tickets, one in California and one in Wisconsin will split the jackpot.
  14. $590.5 million, Powerball, won May 18, 2013, in Florida. Cash: $370.9 million.
  15. $587.5 million, Powerball, won Nov. 28, 2012, by two tickets, sold in Missouri and Arizona. Cash: $384.7 million
  16. $564 million Powerball was split among 3 winning tickets, one each from North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico.
  17. $559 million Powerball, A single ticket was sold at Reeds Ferry Market in Merrimack, NH.
  18. $543 million Mega Millions. There was one winning ticket sold in California in the July 2018 drawing.
  19. $536 million Mega Millions, a single ticket was sold in Indiana on July 8, 2016.
  20. $533 million Mega Millions, a single ticket was sold in New Jersey for the March 30, 2018 drawing.

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