Attorney Jimmy Faircloth talks about the legal ramifications of President Biden's vaccination mandate speech and the legal challenges that are obviously coming.

"There's a long way between making a political announcement and actually affecting laws," says Faircloth, talking about the inevitable court fight over the mandate, "(Biden) has made a statement that has created a lot of tension and it certainly will cause litigation, but there is no rule. he has asked for a recommendation so they can create guidance for implementation of emergency rule.

Here's everything Faircloth told KEEL listeners:

"I think you have to look at it for what it is. It's similar to his moratorium on evictions. He knew that was unlawful. He announced he might do it. But by the time it rolled out  it suffered a very quick death because it was unconstitutional."

Faircloth then talks about the President's political motivations. "I think there was a lot of showboating. I think it's showboating that has enormous implications. If you'd told me 25 years ago that a President of the United States would be making those kinds of statements, saying, 'Forget about liberty. We have to all pull together.' It was aa speech for socialism.

"It was extraordinary in terms of its breath. It's difficult for the federal government to impose mandates. I they knew this is a last resort to push through their final objectives on the vaccine."

And what about the future? "In thirty days I think we'll be in lawsuits," Faircloth says, "In sixty days I think we'll be trending out of lawsuits to a resolution. There's a huge pushback coming. i think the real implementation that effect people, I think those will start to work themselves out in sixty days."

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