KEEL's Erin McCarty and Louis R Avallone from American Ground Radio talk about their attempts to get information from the city regarding the rumors about Mayor Adrian Perkins' one or more traffic stops.

McCarty, on behalf of 101.7 / 710 KEEL, Avallone and his American Ground Radio program, plus numerous other Shreveport and Shreveport area news organizations have made official records requests in reference to rumors that the Mayor was involved in as many as four recent traffic stops, all involving the Shreveport Police. Perkins himself confirmed that one such incident had taken place, but denied that alcohol was involved and that the stop was merely his inadvertent drive in the wrong direction down a one way street.

Regarding the city's response to the records request that asked for SPD records of traffic stops, radio exchanges and dashcam videos from the evenings in question, McCarty says, "I (received) an email that told me that there was no video - no dashcam recordings."

And Avallone agrees. "There's not a whole lot of information on the audio recording that were provided by the City Attorney's Office through the SPD. But what I think whaat'ss more interesting is not what's on those recordings, but what isn't."

The American Ground host is referring to an absence of any record of the Mayor's one admitted stop by SPD. "Everyone knows what we're asking for. The City Attorney's Office knows. The SPD knows. Why then is there this cat and mouse game?"



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