SPOA President Lieutenant Michael Carter talks about the latest comments by Chief Ben Raymond on the possibility a change to 12-hour shifts.

In a Friday morning interview with KEEL News, the Chief confirmed reports from a number of sources that he had spoken with a number of SPD officers, telling them that if a majority were against the move from an 8 to a 12-hour day, it wouldn't happen.

"My Executive Board Member was in the meeting," Carter says, "And he (Raymond) assured them that all along, his position has been if the majority of officers do not want the 12-hour shift, then we won't do it.

"Well, that's great news, because out of 192 patrol officers, almost 180 have signed the petition saying no.

"That means there's no issue to be resolved. It should be done."

Carter then commented on the idea that the Chief may use the next few months to sell the 12-hour idea to his rank and file. "(He's) been doing that for eighteen months," he says, "The vetting has already been done. I tried to mitigate. I tried to listen to him. But I've talked to my constituents, the people who elected me, and finally, we said no."

Meanwhile, the legislation introduced by Shreveport representative Alan Seabaugh continues to work it's way through the House. The bill would grant the equivalent of a "waiver" to the city, which some think is required to allow the Chief to consider the shift change.

Raymond also reiterated that the move would require the approval of the City Council and then a vote by Shreveport's citizens.

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