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There has been a lot of excitement about the transformation of the old Millenium Studios into the new G-Unit Film & Television Productions Studio.  The City of Shreveport finalized the deal with Curtis Jackson last December.


We all know that success fosters success.  That's why economic development is so critical.  Once one large business locates here, it brings others.  And that seems to be what has happened with the entertainment industry.

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A new local group has announced their intention of opening a new film studio here in Shreveport.  From their press release:

Local filmmakers have announced the launch of 3one8 Films, a shareholder-owned, locally-run film studio in Northwest Louisiana. Founded by Shreveport-Bossier filmmakers and entrepreneurs, 3one8 has four feature films ready to go into production in their first year, all headed by an experienced team of award-winning local film industry veterans.

The company has several investment levels open to the public. “We didn’t just want to make films here; we wanted the whole region to be able to be a part of what we’re doing,” said Rich Hansil, Executive Producer and Founder of 3one8 Films. “With this model we’re able to offer ownership shares to our community, regionally and globally, at levels that can attract small, medium, and large investors alike. By amortizing the costs of equipment, crew and talent across a slate, we’re able to produce higher quality films at lower budget levels.”

"We’re excited to build on what local festivals such as Film Prize have done with short films and help our local filmmakers graduate to features,” said Hansil. “We have so many amazing filmmakers in our community, and this is an opportunity for them to make their films here, rather than moving to Los Angeles, Atlanta or New York.”

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