If you haven't seen Move! Live on Tour, featuring superstar siblings Derek & Julianne Hough of "Dancing with the Stars" fame, you are missing out on something special. The superstar siblings stopped by the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City this weekend (June 7), and put on what was easily the best show I've ever seen.

It had dancing. It had singing. It had motivational speaking and crowd interaction. It even had comedy. And the awesome brother/sister rivalry that I love so much in the Hough duo was on full display. The show drew in women and men of all ages.

A highlight of the show for many female fans was Derek and the other male dancers performing a mighty hot number -- shirtless, of course.

Fighting for the Spotlight

That sibling rivalry I mentioned before comes out during the number "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better." The result? We now know Julianne can do the splits better and sing a note longer. But Derek does have more "Dancing with the Stars" mirror ball trophies under his belt. Julianne said it's because she left the show.

They also teamed up to take a light-hearted jab at The Osmonds when they said "we can do anything better than they can," flashing pictures on the screen of Donny and Marie (who have both competed on "Dancing with the Stars"). All in good fun, of course!

The brother-sister team and their crew of fantastic dancers got out into the crowd during the show, which they say is a big part of their production. It makes things much more personal for attendees. I'm just sad I got this close to actually reaching out and touching them, but they never quite made it to where my friend and I were sitting.

Audience Interaction

Move live on tour
Photo: Angela Thomas

One lucky lady in the audience who told Derek she had a dream that her husband paid for her to take dance lessons from him. He took her hand and gave her a free lesson right there in front of the audience.

But it wasn't just female attendees that were in for a treat. Taylor, one of three guys who got pulled out of the crowd to get up onstage with the female dancers, also hit the jackpot. Julianne had the all three guys show off their dance moves.

Since Taylor utilized "the stripper pole," he won the grand prize: a trip to hang out with the gals, take selfies with them and watch their next number from the top of the stage's staircase.

Double Threat

Hearing Derek and Julianne sing together was a real treat and something I've never had the pleasure of experiencing before. I've heard him sing solo and with fellow "DWTS" pro Mark Ballas and I've heard her sing her own tunes, but their performance of "Say Something" (originally recorded by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera) was a touching moment for everyone in the crowd.

Check that out, along with the beautiful choreography that accompanied it, in the video below.

Variety of Moves

The styles of dance during this show ran the gamut. There was Tango and Paso, Quickstep and Contemporary, Rumba and Swing, Hip-Hop and so many others. And every emotion you can imagine came through onstage. It was light and fun, upbeat and energetic, soft and sultry, hot and sexy.

Move live on tour
Photo: Angela Thomas

The goal of the whole show was to get people up and moving, and it did that. The super-sibs say "Motion = Emotion." The "Move!" performances both moved the crowd and got them moving.

Mission accomplished.


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