Anything can happen on live TV, and no one knows that better right now than Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Lochte is a contestant on Season 23 of ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars,' which premiered last night. It seems there were several members of the audience who are still quite sore about the Olympian's behavior in Rio. Two men rushed the stage as judge Carrie Ann Inaba was critiquing Lochte and pro partner Cheryl Burke's performance.

Here's what all the folks watching at home saw:


Video that surfaced later shows the men were wearing anti-Lochte t-shirts. One of them was tackled on stage by security. Both men were arrested and charged with suspicion of misdemeanor trespassing. But the two were apparently not the only audience members who harbor some anger toward Lochte. You can hear the women shouting, "Liar!" in this footage:



So far, no video has surfaced of an actual attack, if there even was one. For all we know, the guys were just yelling in Lochte's face. We do know if was pretty unnerving for everyone on the show, from the judges to the competitors to security staff. Those of us watching were pretty confused by the whole ordeal.

I've seen a lot of unusual things on 'Dancing with the Stars,' but this definitely takes the cake. It's this very thing that I feared would happen when I found out Lochte was going to be part of the show. I figured not everyone was going to be O.K. with this deal, and that it was possible some wouldn't stay quiet about it.

I understand there are some folks who are outraged that Lochte lied about an armed robbery while at the Olympic Games in Brazil, but isn't it about time we all let it go and move forward? Some of us want to continue to enjoy watching this show.


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