Last week around the office, we had a HUGE fight over who the most famous Shreveporter was. Most people said Terry Bradshaw, others said Jared Leto. Then, of course, you had some people throw out names like James Burton, Robert Parish and Lead Belly.

But, I think the one name that most of missed is Johnnie Cochran. Johnnie became a household name in the 90s thanks to the OJ Simpson trial. Aside from Johnnie being one hell of a high profile attorney, he's now apart of American Culture. He has been heavily featured in documentaries and tv shows about the OJ trial. "If it don't fit, you must acquit" is now a famous quote that every knows and uses to fit their own lives and situations.

Thanks to the nature of the "Trial of the Century", Johnnie Cochran will always be entwined with that story. While others popularity may fade away a bit, people will always be fascinated with the OJ trial and how exactly he got off. And you just can't tell that story without Mr. Cochran. Law students will be learning from his strategies forever.

And, since passing away, Cochran has become even more ingrained in America. There are law schools and middle schools named after him, a wing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is named for him...and of course, he's a member of the Louisiana Walk of Fame in Downtown Shreveport.

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