Vexcon's Ricky Bretherton talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about the estimated $200,000 cost to get rid of the bats at Fairgrounds Field and what would be necessary to do the job right.

Bretherton, who came to fame during the heyday of the "Billy the Exterminator" reality series on the A&E Network, tells KEEL listeners that the projected price tag of $250,000 to "relocate" the 30,000 bats is not unreasonable. "It's quite a project," Bretherton begins, "The reason it's been going on for so long is that the proper budget hasn't been allocated. It would take a team of of between five to ten people for about...four weeks" Bretherton adds that the amount of concrete at the ageing facility would make the job even more difficult and time consuming.

It was during the first season of "Billy the Exterminator" that the Vexcon team was hired for limited removal of the creatures from the stadium. To see that episode of "Billy the Exterminator" from the A&E Network, JUST CLICK HERE!

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