Several local residents are working to revive Fairgrounds Field. In fact, nearly 3,000 people have signed a petition to try to bring back the facility.

Fair Grounds Field was once the home of the Shreveport Captains. Many of us have so many great memories from that stadium. My kids used to love going to games and hanging out in the beer garden and enjoying ice cream in the little baseball cap. But minor league baseball is gone.

Edward Best says now is the time to breathe new life into the old complex which was built in 1986 at a cost of 4 million dollars.

As a life-long resident of Shreveport it saddens me to see our beloved Fair Grounds Field become a wasteland of sorts. It’s continued demise only puts a larger black eye on the City of Shreveport. The neglect this stadium has gotten over the last decade is beyond comprehension and should not be tolerated by the citizens of this city. That is OUR stadium! Not the mayors, or the city councils. We have to do something to save it.

KEEL News talked to Best about the stadium and the amount of money it will take to bring it back to life.

Best adds: "We have to stand up as tax paying citizens and tell our leaders that this will not be tolerated anymore! We need to find the funding, be it public or private to revitalize this stadium and bring it back to its former glory. Please join me in signing this petition to show our city leadership that something HAS to be done! I would like to get 2,000 signatures for this issue to show them that we are serious!"


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