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SHREVEPORT, LA - The investigation by an independent law firm into the pay raises issued to city council staff by then Shreveport City Council Chairman James Green has wrapped up. The report concludes the raises were issued without proper authorization from council members. This report also shows that all of the money has been paid back to the city.

City Council Staff Raises Recap

In case you aren't familiar with the pay raises, here's what happened.  In June of 2023 city council support staff received pay raises issued by the City Council Chairman James Green, apparently without prior knowledge of other council members. These  raises totaled $48,663.09 and were broken down as follows:

  • Shanerika Flemings- Clerk of Council-  annual salary went from $90,000to $100,799- (a $10,799 RAISE) 
  • Jacqueline White- Council Analyst-  annual salary went from $99,491 to $109,440- (a $9,949 RAISE) 
  • LaTonya Bogan- Chief Deputy Clerk of Council- annual salary went from $86,081to $96,411- (a $10,330 RAISE) 
  • Terri Sanders- Deputy Clerk of Council- annual salary went from $52,919 to $56,624 - (a $3,705 RAISE) 
  • RJ Johnson-  Director of Council Affairs-  Johnson had just been hired in 4 months prior, in Feb. of 2023-  Annual salary of $85,000 to $87,204. (a $2,204 RAISE) 
  • The increases were signed by Council Chairman Rev. James Green back in June of 2023.

According to the report issued by the Hill Law Firm:

After a thorough review of the events surrounding the pay increases given to Council employees in June of 2023, it has not only been determined that the pay raises were unauthorized by the Council in its entirety, but also that they were paid from the City’s 2023 budget.

That budget is comprised of 4 categories:

1) personal services, 2) materials and supplies, 3) contractual services, and 4) improvements and equipment. Employee salaries and benefits are paid from the Personal Services portion of the yearly budget. The 2023 yearly budget was a total amount of $1,887,800. Of that amount, $1,550,000 was allocated to Personal Services. It was determined that the $48, 663.09 pay increase that was improperly paid was sourced from the Personal Services portion of the 2023 yearly budget. At the time of this investigation, Counsel was advised that all monies receieved by the Council employees have been reimbursed to the City of Shreveport.  

How Much Did This Investigation Cost?

Shreveport City Attorney Marcus Edwards says:

"So far, the Special Council has invoiced $8,400. That is not the final number, which will depend upon further requests, requirements, inquiries and directives from the Council."

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