As the temps drop across Texas and Louisiana this winter, these little guys are coming for your warmth. Once inside, they can spread extremely fast. Just one of them sneaking into your house can lead to thousands scurrying around.

For most of the United States, these little monsters are active in the Spring. But due to the climate for much of Texas and Louisiana, they start to push into homes during the winter months, searching for heat and food.

If these pests get into your house, they can be a major nuisance. They can damage clothing, paper products, food, and even glue. Sometimes you may notice a book is more worn out than you would expect, or that your paper towels seem frayed. This might not be the ghost you believe you share your house might actually be a group of little alien-looking creatures.

You've probably heard their name, and feel like they're harmless. But you should know that a big group of these guys can become a problem quickly.

We're talking about the prehistoric looking pest called the Silverfish...

They're very small, easy to squish, and because they're nocturnal, you might not even know thousands of them are in your home. Their size and relative speed can help keep them undetected for some time, and just a few of them can turn into THOUSANDS very quickly.

That's what its important to take steps to eliminate them as soon as you see one silverfish. Just assume that one means there are way more lurking.

While some point out that silverfish can trigger your allergies, others say they can't directly cause illness. But as WebMD points out, what they leave behind can:

"Silverfish leave their poop behind in your food, so make sure to check for any insects. Discard anything that has bugs in it.

While silverfish won’t make you sick or bite you, they can destroy your home. Because they are chewing insects, they can eat through your belongings. Their poop will also cause stains."

Like we said, if you see one, assume there are more. Here are some ways you can help eliminate this itty bitty threat...

As temps get cooler outside, make sure you're paying attention to see if these little guys are creeping in one your turf.

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