The public outrage is rising as we learn about the federal decision to drop off dozens of Haitian immigrants in Shreveport with little or no notice to local officials.

KTBS reports more than 75 Haitian immigrants were dropped off at the Shreveport bus terminal and more buses may be headed this way over the next few days.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been dropping off these immigrants in several communities. We don't know yet why Shreveport was on the list of cities for these drop-offs.

Our are could be in line to get nearly 20 busloads of people dropped off. So far ICE has confirmed two buses have arrived in this area.

Senator Bill Cassidy issued a statement about this decision to drop off immigrants in our area:

The White House cannot dump groups of Haitian refugees into Louisiana communities with nowhere to go, no photo ID, and no money. It appears Washington told ICE to just ‘send them somewhere,’ and apparently gave little to no notice to state and local officials. Horrible mismanagement. Do President Biden and Vice President Harris care about communities, immigrants, and controlling the border?


What happens with these folks when they get off the buses? Reports indicate many of the men already have bus or plane tickets and cash. But many of the women have little or nothing as they get off the buses.

As usual, our community has stepped in to help.

Church for the Highlands in Shreveport has been providing help to these immigrants.

Shreveport Councilman John Nickelson posted this message on social media:

My sincere thanks to the Church for the Highlands and other local organizations who stepped up to assist the Haitian immigrants who passed through our city last week. We can’t control national immigration policy, but we can control how we treat human beings who need our help.

The church provided transportation, WiFi and phones for the immigrants in need.

Other non profit groups also stepped in to help with housing for some of the immigrants.

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