If you get "mystery" seeds in the mail and they're from China, don't plant them! That's the alarm that's being sounded by Agricultural Directors in states across the country as more and more Americans are getting packages in the mail - packages they didn't order - that originated in China. And the packages contain one or more packets of unidentified seeds.

Hundreds of Americans have gotten the mysterious boxes, including a few right here in Louisiana. Enough, in fact, to get the attention of the state's Director of Agriculture, Mike Strain. He and his department are warning residents that the mystery seeds could be unsafe. And the Department of Agriculture and Forestry is taking a closer look - as in under the microscope - to see if the seeds might contain some sort of plant pest or disease.

And Ag Commissioner Strain confirms that the seeds have been received via unsolicited packages by more than a hundred residents here in Louisiana. And Strain says that some seed packets are also coming from from eastern Europe, in addition to China.

Strain adds that he - and other state directors - are working with United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. He also emphasizes that if you receive a mystery package, don’t hesitate to contact his agency. And even more important...don't plant the seeds.


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