The Powerball jackpot for tonight is more than $430 million dollars. It's the 8th highest jackpot in U.S. history.

If you are like me, you might be dreaming of hitting the numbers. What would you spend the money on? I would lay low for a little while. Then I would give away a pile of the money to some local charitable organizations. But then I would step out and do a little shopping.

My first stop would be at Moffitt Porsche to see Susan Moffitt. I would snap up a 911 Turbo as one of my first big purchases. I would also take my sons shopping for shiny new autos.

Next, I would buy some properties. I'd snap up a couple of homes in our market and then buy a nice beach condo and maybe a mountain vista home. I would actually stay in my current townhouse after it is completely remodeled. It's just so convenient to everything and I like it there.

Now, I do want to share with you. The ticket you see in this post is my ticket for tonight. If you leave a comment on our Facebook page before 9am, and my ticket wins the big prize (430 million), you will get a share of the cash.

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