If you love to watch spectacular things happening in space, you will want to get up very early on election day, November 8 to check out a Lunar eclipse.

Diane Miller Getty Images
Diane Miller Getty Images

We will get to experience the first ever election day Blood Moon Lunar eclipse on that day.

We had another lunar eclipse this year back on May 16th. We will not have another one this year after this November event. Our next total lunar eclipse is not expected until March 14, 2025.

The best place to see this lunar eclipse is in the western part of the United States.

This lunar eclipse will be visible to nearly 3 billion people around the globe according to space.com.

When Is Best Time to Watch Lunar Eclipse?

In Shreveport Bossier, the best time to catch this natural phenomena is early on election day.

Partial eclipse begins at 3:09am.

Full eclipse begins at 4:16am.

Maximum eclipse at 4:59am.

During the partial eclipse phase, earth’s shadow will start to block out the moonlight. You can then spot the blood moon when just a little bit of light from the moon shows up to make it look blood red.

If you can’t get up that early to watch it, you can check out the video of the event, by clicking here.

How Long Will Eclipse Last?

If you remember back in May, it lasted for about an hour and a half. We should see about the same duration this time, but once the sun rises, you won't be able to get as good a view of the blood moon. But we are turning our clocks back before this event, so this will probably give us a little more time to watch this event.

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