Experts at the CDC are now recommending all Americans wear masks if you have to go out in public. The opinion about this has changed over the past two weeks.

Dr. Martha Whyte with the Office of Public Health posted this message about masks:

Wearing a mask is fine and good, if you do it right. None are 100% effective and should not give you the false sense of security that you are safe to be out and about. Dirty gloves not changed and discarded frequently, with aggressive hand washing, masks reused when damp or soiled, left dangling, moved up or down because it's irritating you are all dangerous. The safest thing you can do is stay home. If you HAVE TO venture out wear your mask, but don't stand around and talk, don't not social distance. Good Lord people quit selling this as the solution. It is one piece. One piece of it.

Dr. Whyte also shared ways you can make your own wipes if you are running low on supplies:

Dr. Martha Whyte


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