Movie making is returning to the Shreveport Bossier area this spring. The big screen flick, "The Blind" is beginning pre-production now with filming scheduled to happen in April and May.

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According to Louisiana Entertainment, crews have been in the area scouting several possible locations.


The production company is now accepting resumes and vendor info for companies and people interested in working on this project.

Here's where you need to send resumes:

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Millennium Studios just west of Downtown Shreveport is expected to be utilized for this project. The City of Shreveport now owns the building and has been marketing it for use in the movie business once again. This is a 70,000 square foot facility featuring two sound stages, production offices, a construction area for sets, and much more.

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"The Blind" is described as a middle level feature film. No details have been released yet on who will be starring in this movie.

Mayor Adrian Perkins recently issued this statement about moving making in Shreveport:
We all recognize that keeping the film and media productions in Shreveport and the community is very important to the local and state’s economy. Our city departments are dedicated and on standby to give your production team every possible assistance to make your project a success!
Shreveport's Economic Development Director, Drew Mouton will be working to help any production companies finalize plans for filming in our area.
State of Louisiana Entertainment
State of Louisiana Entertainment

What Do We Know About “The Blind”?

It is described as taking place in the deep south in the 1960's as a man struggles with the shame of his past, while navigating his own alcoholism and complicated family dynamics as a husband and father.

Director: Andrew Hyatt
Producers: Zach Dasher, Brittany Yost, Bob Katz
Production Designer: Christian Snell
Dates of Production: 4-1-2022 to 5-6-2022
Locations: TBD

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