In any normal circumstances, eating at home will usually always be much cheaper than eating out.  But we are not in normal circumstances.  Experts are saying this year it might be just as cost effective to eat Thanksgiving Dinner our this year, rather than trying to prepare everything at home.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers increased 9.1 percent. That is the largest increase in 40 years.

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Inflation today has affected most every part of our lives, from gas prices to the grocery store.  But ironically, according to Fortune, there has been less of an 'inflation hit' to the cost of dining out. Which is "up an average of 5.79% from November 2021—than grocery costs, which have seen 9.81% increase on average, according to analysts’ review of Consumer Price Index (CPI) data."

The staple of any traditional Thanksgiving dinner is, of course, the turkey.  If you're planning on preparing a turkey this year, experts recommend you not wait to purchase yours.  Prices are already high, but it's due to more that just inflation.

Earlier this year, Forbes reported the Avian Flu has wreaked havoc on the turkey industry this year, killing 4.5 million turkeys this year.  Combine that with the high rate of inflation, supply chain issues, and an expected diesel shortage, and the cost of your Thanksgiving bird could be higher than ever.  This year turkey prices are expected to be around $1.99 per pound, as opposed to an average of around $1.15 per pound. That amounts to a 73% increase over last year, according to USDA data.

So whether you plan to bake it, smoke it, or fry it this year, experts agree you shouldn't wait too long to go ahead and get your turkey before it's too late.

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