Every day the price of a barrel of oil is higher. And every day the Biden administration clings blindly to its Green New Deal ideology and refuses to ease rules and regulations on oil companies that would produce more fuel for Americans.

What if Biden 'Saw the Light' on American Energy Production?

But what if the President, so far seemingly deaf to the cries of the American people, suddenly did an about-face? What if Joe Biden adopted the Trump-era phrase of "Drill, baby, drill" and once again opened up the nation to unlimited energy production?

How Much is In the Ground and Where is It?

What kind of proven oil reserves lie under the ground in the USA? Is it possible that America could, once again, become not only energy independent, but a net-exporter of oil?

And where in the USA is the most oil located? According to the energy website Construction Coverage, America's vast reserves are not centered in one or two spots, but all over the nation. And that includes right here in Louisiana.

Louisiana Ranks #9 In Oil Reserves In America

Our own state ranks 9th among the 50 states in petroleum reserves, with proven 389 million barrels under the ground. in addition, the state has 14 operating refineries, tied with California and second only to Texas 30.

It's there. And there's plenty of it. We just need to go get it.

States With the Most Proved Oil Reserves

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