One thing Louisiana is known for is amazing food. And where that can be a really good thing, it can also be troublesome for those with high glucose, or blood-sugar, levels.  But there is a new report that could be good news for the half a million adults in Louisiana diagnosed with diabetes.

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Tulane University released a new study that says a low-carb diet can cut dangerous blood sugar levels in those diagnosed with pre-diabetes or mild diabetes.  Now, low-carb diets have been around for a while. But this study focused more on how the low carb diet affects blood sugar levels.

Assistant Professor of epidemiology at Tulane University, Kirsten Dorans says the results are the first indication that people who are not already being treated with medications to lower blood sugar can benefit from a low carb diet.

“We saw a larger drop in Hemoglobin A1C, which is a clinical marker of long-term blood sugar levels, in those who were in the low-carb group,” Dorans said.


The study group of 150 adults in the New Orleans area were divided into 2 groups.  The first group maintained their current diet, while the other group was restricted to a low carb diet for 6 months. Doran said the low carb diet also showed other benefits.

“An important thing to note is we also saw substantial weight loss in those in the low carb group as well,” she said but added that people who are on medications that lower their blood sugar should speak with their doctor before changing their diet.

Doran also says anyone currently on medication to lower their blood sugar should never make any changes to their medication or diet without checking with their doctor first.

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