A recently released study by the Tax Foundation gives a close-up look at which states rely most on federal money as a percentage of state's general-fund revenue.

That research shows that funding from Uncle Sam makes up 42.7 percent of Louisiana’s general revenues, making the state the second most dependent on federal money of all 50 of the states.

More analysis of the study from thehayride.com:

"Aid provided to states can come in the form of competitive federal grants, or federal funds can be allocated based on formulas established by statute, the Tax Foundation study says. States that receive a greater share of federal funds tend to have more low-income residents and below-average lower tax collections, according to the foundation.

The states most dependent on federal funds were Mississippi, Louisiana and New Mexico. The study used the most recent available data from fiscal-year 2016."

According to the Tax Foundation study, here are the top ten states receiving federal aid and it's percentage of Louisiana's overall budget:

1) Mississippi     43.3%

2) Louisiana        42.7%

3) New Mexico    41.2%

4) Arizona            41.2%

5) Kentucky         40.9%

6) Montana           40.6%

7) Tennessee       38.6%

8) Wyoming          38.1%

9) Alaska              37.3%

10) Missouri         37.3%

To see the complete Tax Foundation report, JUST CLICK HERE!



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