Shreveport's Amazon plant is set to open sometime in the fall of 2022. The fulfillment center is expected to bring in about a thousand jobs to the Shreveport area.

Amazon has pledged to pay all of the workers a minimum of $15 dollars an hour.
But some of these jobs will pay much more than that.

What Is Amazon Doing to Find Workers?

Amazon is expanding all around the country and the online retail giant is also facing the problem of find enough workers. But the higher pay is attracting workers at new facilities in many communities. But Amazon is offering signing bonuses ranging from $1,000 dollars to $5,000 dollars for some positions. We don't know yet if the company will be offering signing bonuses for the Shreveport jobs. Hiring is expected to begin this summer. The goal is to get the plant open in September.

Amazon has already opened a fulfillment center in Carencro just outside of Lafayette (at the site of the old Evangeline Downs on I-49) and the company is also building a facility at the site of the old Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge. That facility is expected to open by the end of the year.

Will the Amazon Plant Hurt Local Businesses?

There is some concern many local businesses will face even more difficult times in finding workers once the Amazon Plant is up and going. The $15.00 hourly pay is likely to lure some employees to leave lower paying jobs to go to work in the plant. Some local business owners say they are already having to bump up pay to keep enough employees on staff.

Here Are the Highest Paying Jobs at a Typical Amazon Plant

Shreveport's Amazon plant is expected to open this fall. What will be the highest paying jobs at the facility?

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