Just what we need...another shortage. Compared to folks in other states, we in Louisiana have been relatively lucky when it comes to the interruption of essentials caused by growing shortages in the work force and fuel delivery problems.

Nonetheless, a number of experts say that our problems may be just beginning, as grocery stores and gas stations may face a paucity of products because of another shortage: Not enough truck drivers.

In fact, Louisiana Motor Transport Association Executive Director Renee Amar said recently said the driver shortage was already an issue well before the pandemic and (companies) need tens of thousands of drivers monthly.

In a report from Louisiana Radio Network, Amar said, “It’s a population that’s aging out and a little more difficult for us to recruit women into the workforce, and it’s a unique lifestyle that people want to live if they want to be truck drivers. If you have a shortage of truck drivers that means that there are less trucks on the road delivering the goods to our homes and to the stores and so we might see some lag time issues there,”

And because trucking and transport companies are now having to pay higher wages and bonuses to retain and entice drivers. Amar emphasizes that those costs will be soon be passed on to consumers.

Amar says that assist struggling companies, legislation has been introduced that would help pay to help train more drivers and the Motor Transport Association is also seeking ways to provide scholarships to entice more drivers to the workforce.


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