It seems we only hear stories about things police officers do wrong, but 99% of the time, these folks risk their lives to keep us safe. And they do this without getting much attention at all.

We decided to try to change that. Each month, we will honor our areas "Top Cop". We've been taking submissions onlineI'm thrilled to tell you we got a pile of nominations. This list includes State Troopers, Sheriff's Deputies and Police Officers from across the region.

Our April winner is Shreveport Police Corporal Christian Hicks. He was nominated by several people. Here are some of the words of praise for Cpl Hicks:

"Christian has been a stand out police officer and embodies the role of a public servant. He has patrolled the Cedar Grove and Sunset Acres neighborhood for 15 years and is well known and respected by the citizens that live in that area. Even those who have had the misfortune of being arrested by Christian will tell you that he treated them with respect and fairness."

But that's not all he has done. Off the job, Hicks fostered seven dogs and found each one a loving home. He has also rescued a horse and got it to a rescue facility.

Another nomination cites this incident:

"Corporal Hicks recently, while off duty, saw a suspicious situation at a store and went inside to check on it. It turned out that the store had just been robbed and the owner shot; Cpl. Hicks called 9-1-1 for an ambulance and stabilized the man while they waited, saving his life. During the Christmas season as he was distributing toys around the neighborhood he patrols he ran out of toys before he ran out of kids who needed them, so he went and bought 22 more toys for them so no one went without, paying for them with his own money. He is conscientious, protective of the people in his district, and truly does serve and protect the people of Shreveport."

Congrats Christian and thank you for your service.

If you would like to nominate someone for our Top Cop award, click here.

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