According to Fox News, House Republicans are happy to have gotten 100 pages of internal email documents on the Benghazi terror attack from the Obama administration.

However, these emails cover just two days of communications, so Rep. Jason Chaffetz asked, "What about the ones before and what about all the ones after? Let's go ahead and release those as well." Chaffetz added, "While these hundred are good and they shed light on what happened, we have nearly 25,000 that they haven't released."

While we wait for the administration to get those documents together, watch this short before it's news video, I'm sure you will find it shocking. Here is a transcript of just part of what you will see and hear from Glen Beck:

President Obama was friendly with this guy Muammar Gaddafi, but things changed and he realized he had to go. There were a couple of ways he could achieve that goal. You can either use the might of the American Military and gather an international coalition to help or, in the middle east, the thinking is the enemy of the enemy is my friend, so make buddies with those people who hate Gaddafi just as much, and pay them to do the dirty work for him, so he did that.

And there were other people who wanted Gaddafi out, and we decided to work with them, Al-Qaeda. These are the people the media routinely called the Libyan Opositions.

The decision was made to support the opposition forces. We needed a point man and in March 2011 Ambassador Chris Stevens became the point man to Barack Obama, the official liaison to this to this terror linked opposition.

So Obama wants Gaddafi out, he decided to use Islamic extremists to get the job done.

Danny Fox is the webmaster at Townsquare Media in Shreveport and on-air talent on some of the stations. Danny has been writing and publishing content on the internet since 2001.

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