Help was never sent while Americans were being attacked by terrorists because the presidential election was going on, and now many believe that the Obama Administration is covering up what really happened in Benghazi. And if you've been following the story on Fox News, it's looking more and more likely.

During an interview last Thursday on The Rusty Humphries Show, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said Obama could be impeached for the "most egregious cover-up in American history."

When questioned about the likelihood of impeachment, Inhofe said it wouldn't be immediate.

"I'm not talking about it now, this is something that could endure until after the '14 election — this is not a short story, this is something that was re-discovered after eight months...this is clearly an orchestrated coverup," he said.

Obama spoke today to defend his administration's response to the Benghazi terror attack, calling it a "sideshow."

Emails show State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland pushed to remove references to Al Qaeda and to the intelligence community's prior warnings about security in the region.

Last September, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice went on five Sunday shows to claim the attack was prompted by a protest over an anti-Islam film that were based on those talking points.

[via Fox News]

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