Rush Limbaugh provided some details about the recent ABC/Washington Post Obama approval poll, in which 51 percent of Americans said they approve of his handling of the presidency, while 44 percent said they didn't

Rush gave his take on why the poll turned out the way it did, saying: "The reason that this poll result is what it is is not that people don't think the IRS stuff or any of the other scandals are important. They don't attach Obama to it! That's the phenomenon here. Obama isn't attached to any of this."

Some people really do not believe that the POTUS has a clue what is going on with the IRS and Benghazi scandals. How much faith should we have in a president who can stand up and clear his name by getting behind a podium and saying "I had no clue this was happening"?

If the leader of our nation is behind on what is going on under his nose, how is he doing his job effectively? The problem lies with what El Rushbo likes to call low-information groups.

"As far as the low-information audience or voter group out there is concerned, they don't have any reason not to trust Obama yet," says Rush. "They don't have any reason not to believe him. They think he's working on jobs. They think he's working on the deficit. They think he's doing everything he says he's doing, and they think that he's doing it for them."

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