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Rush Limbaugh, the outspoken conservative radio titan, has passed away from lung cancer at the age of 70. In case you didn't know, Rush has been a part of the KEEL family since 1988 when we were one of the first stations in the country to broadcast his nationally syndicated radio program. So, we wanted to pay tribute to the man who was like family or a friend.

Below are some of the comments, condolences and memories shared by the KEEL listeners as well as the KEEL News staff.

KEEL Staff

Erin McCarty -

Rush Limbaugh has been a part of my life for 30+ years. I have worked for KEEL since 1990 and KEEL was one of the first stations to put this new syndicated show on the air. The general manager at the time was Leeann Lewis. She spoke with Rush's syndicator at the National Association of Broadcasters meeting in Dallas and on the drive home, Lewis, her sales manager and program director listened to cassette tapes of Limbaugh's show. She says he was bombastic and very controversial, but she knew he would connect with listeners in our area.  Though, she did not agree with many of the things he said, she made the decision to put him on the air in the spring of 1988.
For the first couple of years, the show was recorded on large reel to reel tapes and played back later in the day. But eventually, the show was put up on the satellite and it was carried live. But you have to remember KEEL was the home of Paul Harvey at the time and there was no way the station was going to bump Harvey's lengthy noon segment for this new guy.  So a part of Rush's show did not air because of Harvey.
But within 2 years, Limbaugh was a money maker for KEEL and a ratings success. That has not stopped. His show has been one of the highest rated talk shows in this market for 30+ years.

KEEL Listeners

John P. -  This is a very sad time or all of us. I have watched or listened to Rush since he was on TV many years ago. My son who is now 40 years old grew up listening to Rush. Words could never describe how much we will miss him. Ultimately we are all in the hands of God. Imagining a world without Rush is difficult. I want to thank all of you for letting his memory live on and keeping him on the air. I sit here right now listening to the best of EIB on this Saturday February 20. I also listened this past week and I will continue listening for as long as you continue to air his words. There was something about Rush that will never be duplicated. Please keep running his radio show for as long as you can. He is in God’s hands now.

Dayna M. - I loved listening to Rush every day. He just made my day better. I laughed till I cried with his parodies. I learned about politics at the feet of Maha Rushie.
And he will be forever missed by this Ditto head that remembers Rush rooms at Arby’s, Rush ties , and even real talk recorder so l wouldn’t miss a show.
Talent on loan from GOD

Jenny B. - I loved Rush with all my heart. I listened to him for many years. He was one of a kind and inspired so many . Such a deep thinker whose analysis was so detailed and outside-the-box that he infuriated liberals and thrilled conservatives . People wanted to say that Rush’s fans were mind-numb robots , but the truth is that when we felt we had no voice and the world was losing its mind, Rush forcefully spoke the words that our hearts and minds were saying over and over. Rush made us laugh with his talent at voices and spot-on parody. He persevered after becoming deaf; he found a way, and I thank him for that . Maybe the most important thing about our beloved RUSH LIMBAUGH was that he always said that he had “Talent on Loan from God”. Though I never met him, Rush was one of my very best friends

JoAnne C. - To me Rush's "last show" was his last show in Dec (I think the 23rd). He was saying goodbye to America. I was in tears by the end. He thanked his family, his listeners, and his supporters. At the end they played Silent Night while he talked over it.

Leslie S. - We were stationed at Barksdale in 92 and were very glad to find Rush here. I have been a faithful fan ever since. He was the voice for many of us. He spoke aloud what we could not. Intelligent, eloquent and always funny. We have lost a true patriot.

Henry S. - Was in law school in Baton Rouge in 1988 and working overnights as a DJ at WYNK radio when I heard Rush for the first time. He spoke for me then and for over thirty years. I just can't imagine a world without Rush. He was there for us through thick and thin. No one can touch his talent which was truly on loan and now given back to God! Thank you Rush!

Becky M. - I am so glad that KEEL carried Rush's show. I listened to his show from the beginning, many years ago. I never grew tired or bored with it. I shared his views and was so happy that there was a conservative voice out there. Rush was entertaining, super intelligent, humorous , honest and humble. I "got" him. His show was educational and I could rely on him to report the real news and give me hope and comfort, whatever the situation. I will miss him so much!

Lydia R. - I have been listening to Rush on 710 KEEL for well over 20 years. He was a conservative voice for 10s of millions across the country. His knowledge and recall was legendary! I feel like I have lost a very dear friend, even though I never met him. Thank you for everything Rush.

Billy M. - Started listening to Rush on my lunch break during the state police academy in 95. Have listened ever since. Rush spoke for many of us who didn’t have the words to express. There’s a void now. Rush will be one of those people that now that he’s gone, this world just won’t be the same.

Susan D. - My husband introduced me to Rush 25 years ago. We listened daily for the past 25 years. When we started homeschooling our kids, we turned Rush on everyday and our kids grew up listening. As adults those lessons in government, conservatism, and debate have been a wonderful part of their growing experience and will help them in the future. We are all reeling from the loss of his voice. Its like losing a dear friend or family member. He may not have known us personally, but he loved our country and wanted the very best for all Americans. There will be no one like Rush, he was one in a million.

Randal R. - RIP Rush. You were and always will be a class act.

Melissa H. - Listened to him every day on my break he will be missed straight shooter did not take anything off of any one prayers for him and his family fighter to the end

Lisa M - I listened to Rush almost daily. He truly was THE voice of Conservatives. The wisdom and knowledges he shared with his listeners was immeasurable. He will be greatly missed.

Tim F. - His wisdom along with Paul Harvey will stand the test of time.

Stephanie L. - He truly was a legend! He will be missed. No one will be able to fill his shoes

Chris B. - I first heard him Feb. 14, 1992....on your station. Back in those days you played him in the evenings instead of live. Fortunately, within a year you bumped him up to 11 a.m. And I stuck with him for 30 years.

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