We all know legendary broadcaster Rush Limbaugh died this week after a battle with lung caner. Limbaugh has been heard on KEEL for more than 30 years. In the early days his show was tape delayed and played in a different time slot.

When KEEL eventually took him live, part of the Limbaugh show had to be skipped because of Paul Harvey's noon report. Harvey was a longtime staple on KEEL. But the Rush Limbaugh fans wanted his entire show heard and that did happen in time. His popularity grew and the station made money on his show after he was on the air for about 2 years.

The number one question I have been getting this week (apart from weather related stuff) has been who would replace Rush Limbaugh on KEEL. That is a question I can not answer. The ultimate decision will be made by his syndicator and the leaders of the many radio groups who carry the show. His show airs on 600 stations around the nation.

I can not take credit for this idea. But why not think about former President Donald Trump as a possible host of the show? He has no nationwide platform anymore. He's been kicked off of social media. He only has a handful of places where he can go to get his message out. This is the biggest platform in the nation for the conservative crowd.

Would you listen? When I ask people that, the answer is a quick one, heck yeah. There is no doubt people would listen to hear Trump on the show. But there are so many other logistical questions. Could Trump pull off a 3 hour show? Would he have the patience to do that?

My thought is this. Trump might not be the permanent replacement for Rush. But why not try it in the interim while looking for a new host. No one really wants to be the guy that replaces Rush. You are almost certain to fail. But that would not be the case with Trump. He would continue to get ratings and he would have an instant platform for his message. Trump also has his children who could guest host on days when he can not commit to the 3 hour show.

This might sound like a crazy idea. But I really think it's worth at least thinking about. Would you listen? I know I would.

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