Halloween is right around the corner and we can all remember those special days trick or treating as a child.

Everywhere you look in stores today you see piles of candy on the shelves. I remember all those years dressing up as Cinderella or Snow White and going out trick or treating with my brothers. I had that orange plastic pumpkin container that we all had growing up and I would get so happy when we would find a home where they were giving out great candy. Tops on my list for the best candy of Halloween: chocolate. I loved all those little miniature chocolate bars.

Halloween 3

I also remember the homes where they were giving out less desirable candies.Some of my least favorites: Dum Dum suckers and  tootsie rolls make the list. These clearly tell children you are cheap. But the worst candy I would find in my pumpkin tote are those chewy candies that come in black and orange wrappers.

Halloween 2

When we would get home after a night of combing the neighborhood, I would engage in a busy night of trading with my brothers. These chewy gems are worthless. They have no bargaining power among my brothers. Often you could find these candies still in the bottom of the pumpkin on Christmas.

By the way, we will spend $2.5 billion dollars on Halloween candy this year. What are your favorites?


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