What is the best part of Halloween? All the candy that goes on sale afterward. It's no secret that American's love their candy, and we enjoy the good ole gorge that comes the day after Halloween. You know the feeling right? No one can judge you for sitting down and eating everything leftover in the candy bowl.

Turns out this year you may have a lot more candy leftover in that bucket. With COVID-19 ruining everything that is pure and good in this country, we should probably anticipate seeing a decline in precious little trick or treaters knocking at our door yelling "trick or treat!".

Last year Monmouth University, conducted a very controversial poll, what is America's favorite Halloween candy?  Before you look at the list, think of what your kids bring home after they hustle up and down your favorite street to score the best candy. Looking through my nephew and nieces candy bags, let me say, most of the time their bag looks like the purse of your grandma who always had candy that tasted old and with hints of perfume and pennies. It's safe to say the candy America loves is not what America is quick to give out to trick or treaters.

I am disgusted that candy corn even made the list. I thought its purpose was to be used as decoration, Who is actually eating this stuff? Did your favorite Halloween candy make the list?

America's Favorite Halloween Candies

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