It was a day like any other... I came in to work, and got ready to do my post for the day. I started doing research on the most popular Halloween candy by state to help the people buy the right thing. To make sure the trick-or-treaters got what they wanted this year. I went to to see the updated list for 2019... What I found would haunt me for the rest of my days.

There is a very helpful map in the link above. As I scanned all of the great candies by state, I came across some of my own favorites when I was a kid. New Mexico had 3 Musketeers. Oklahoma' favorite was M&Ms this year. And Arkansas got Skittles.

But, when I scanned over Louisiana and our neighbor, Texas I was shocked and confused. Texas had CANDY CORN as its favorite Halloween candy And Louisiana had SWEDISH FISH... I paused in my confusion. Wondering what year it was, and even WHERE I was.

Not that there is anything really wrong with either of those candies. But, I found it very strange that in 2019, any kid would choose Swedish Fish as what they want in their plastic pumpkin this year. With all the choices, WHY would Texas choose Candy Corn?!?

The answers to these questions may never be known. But, to see the helpful map for yourself go to the link above. Fair warning... You may NEVER be the same.

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