Gun Talk host Tom Gresham explains the truth about mass murder statistics and how the anti-gun left twists the facts to advance their agenda.

On his Facebook page, Gresham wrote, "There is a metric ton on nonsense being spewed in the media about guns in the U.S. A popular lie is that we lead the world in mass shootings. Not even close. Actually, the U.S. is 66th in the world on a per capita basis."

Gresham then cites "That's on a per capita basis, but we have a (large) population," he says, adding that the definition of mass shooting varies, "According to the FBI (America) has between two dozen and thirty mass shootings a year. The gun control folks will tell you it's hundreds and hundreds, but they change the criteria to inflate the numbers and frighten people. And if you can frighten the public enough, you can get them to agree to almost anything."

And World population review explains the Gresham point. " In 2016, there were 37,353 gun deaths in the United States. Of these, 22,938 were suicides, and 14,415 were homicides. Within the homicides, 71 were a result of a mass shooting.

Gresham then explains that t is a common misconception that the United States is the worst country globally in terms of mass shooting rates. But the truth of the matter," he says, "is that the United States is number sixty-six on the list of countries in terms of mass shooting rates per capita."

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