We survived the shortage of toilet paper and Fritos, but now you are probably finding it difficult to get your hands on saltine crackers. I have checked several grocery stores in Shreveport and can not find regular crackers.

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On my last two trips to the grocery store, they were completely out of saltines. I had to settle for Ritz crackers instead. I'm ok with Ritz Crackers, but I really want saltines with my soups, chili, gumbo and stew.

What's the problem in getting crackers to the grocery store. It seems the supply chain is the main problem. Some of the major manufacturers are also dealing with staffing problems and they can't keep up with the demand. Driver shortages across the country is also taking a toll.

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Saltines are not the only things getting a little hard to find. Some grocery companies are reporting they are struggling to keep canned goods, fresh produce, chicken, pet food, and breakfast cereals in stock.

In most of these cases, it will just take some time for the big companies to catch up with the demand, but transportation issues could still have an impact for several weeks or even months down the road.

This is not a problem in the United States alone. Many of these grocery items are also in short supply in Europe too.

I even tried to order some on Amazon and got a message that they were out of stock.

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