Governor John Bel Edwards is not saying specifically what taxes he wants lawmakers to approve to address a one-billion dollar budget gap as lawmakers convened for the first day of the special session.

But Edwards did encourage legislators to pass legislation that gives Louisiana a stable tax structure that ends the constant budget deficits the state has faced over the last decade.

The Senate Democratic Caucus offers a plan on solving a one-billion dollar budget deficit, but it faces opposition from anti-tax groups.

The Governor addressed lawmakers as the special session kicked off.

The Governor had this to say to lawmakers:

This is the 5th time I've called you into special session since I've been Governor. But if we all work together, I'm optimistic this could be the last. Every step we have taken in preparation for this session is to ensure that we get the job done and that we get it done right and we get it done now. I'm optimistic that we can do it.

The special session must end on March 7th.

The Governor added: "Louisiana's brightest days are ahead if only we can come together and solve the problems that have plagued our state for years." He went on to say "business leaders and elected officials are tired of the endless financial battles. They want us to stabilize our budget once and for all, reform our tax code and create a structure that grows with our economy so that we can get out of our own way."

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