There is no deal between the House and Senate on the budget and the governor has already announced that lawmakers will be called into another special session later this month.

Gov. John Bel Edwards stayed up late to see if lawmakers could reach a compromise, but he is clearly disappointed with how things ended just before midnight.

The Governor does not say if he will veto the budget bill passed by the House. He did veto a similar bill passed earlier.

In some last minute wheeling and dealing, House members ultimately rejected several taxing measures approved by the Senate.

 "It will be a short, concentrated special session," Edwards said, without providing details other than it will end "several days" before July 1.
He added: "It is a sad day for the State of Louisiana. You saw a minority in the House clearly let politics take priority over people. Our state deserves better than what we saw tonight. And it's that same minority that created chaos to prevent what was a very responsible plan to fix our problems to allow prosperity and opportunity to flourish."

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