Jay Dardenne has harsh words for critics in the Louisiana Legislature who claim the Governor can do more to cut the state budget.

Dardenne tells Robert and Erin on KEEL News:  It's time for elected officials to speak honestly and put up or shut up and put some reality behind all the political rhetoric we're hearing." He adds: "I will challenge any member of the Legislature or any organization that's appeared on your show to come back on your show, present a specific written proposal they'll agree to introduce as an amendment to the budget that would cut a billion dollars."

Here is our entire conversation with Dardenne:

Dardenne says what Louisiana needs to do to create some stability in its tax system is to broaden the base. Dardenne says no one who opposes the Governor has stood up and said "this is what we will support, this is what we won't support and here's where we'll cut."

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