For parents of high school seniors these next couple of months are going to be a flurry of activity. There are so many things to take care of before graduation. There are caps and gowns, invitations, parties, presents, oh, and how the heck are we going to pay for college.

That paying for college part was a given in Louisiana up until recently. Our state had the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students or TOPS program in place. It's purpose was to be an incentive to keep Louisiana's brightest and best students in state by offering them assistance with the cost of higher education.

Well enter the falling price of oil, some gross incompetence by Governor Jindal and the legislature, and several other key economic factors and now parents are faced with another obstacle in paying for college.

Governor John Bel Edwards has suggested that changes to the TOPS program are inevitable unless the legislature can find a $750 million fix for the state's budget. Edwards told the Louisiana Radio Network that the TOPS program already has a plan in place concerning a lack of funds.

The rules that we have in place require that these TOPS scholarships be awarded by ACT score and within the ACT score to the students who can demonstrate financial need.

Meanwhile legislators will continue to hack away at the budget deficit in hopes of salvaging higher education, TOPS, and healthcare too.  So parents you can start praying for a miracle or rethink your finances if you have a youngster headed to college. Chances are it's going to be completely on your nickel anyway.

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