It is Election Day 2018! There is a lot riding on today's midterms. Will the Republicans keep control of the House and the Senate or will Democrats take control? The results of today's election will answer that question and many more.

On the local level, we will find out who will be the next mayor of Shreveport. Will Ollie Tyler remain in office or will another candidate become the next mayor? Will the race for Sheriff in DeSoto Parish be a close one?

Stay with KEEL News for continuing coverage of the local and national races sponsored by Barksdale Federal Credit Union. Our team is live in the studio as well as out with the candidates bringing you the latest. You can listen to our election coverage beginning at 8PM here. For the latest state wide election results go here.

Make sure to listen to Robert and Erin in the morning beginning at 6AM for a full recap of the election.

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