A proposal to boost the state gasoline tax by 16-cents a gallon is expected to get a full airing before the House Ways and Means Committee. Three local reps sit on that panel, Dodie Horton of Haughton, Jim Morris of Oil City and Alan Seabaugh of Shreveport.

Horton and Seabaugh both tell KEEL News they will vote no on any gas tax increase. Baton Rouge Representative Steve Carter says Louisiana has poor and congested roads, because the tax on a gallon of gasoline hasn’t increase in 20 years.

Opponents say residents have had taxes increased enough and DOTD has enough money.

Each penny hike in the state's gasoline tax raises about $30 million per year.

Gov. John Bel Edwards has said "there is no place in the state that has a greater need than Baton Rouge," the governor  said on Jan. 11.

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