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Once again, the Biden administration has put America, and Americans last.  Even more specifically, Louisianans.  Louisiana's economy depends heavily on the fossil fuel industry, more concisely, the oil & gas industry, and the Biden administration is playing games with our lives.

Coast Guard Attempts Burning Off Oil Leaking From Sunken Rig
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Joe Biden ran on campaign promises to dismantle the fossil fuel industry, and he's doing his best to follow up on those promises.  Almost day one of his presidency, he placed a moratorium on offshore oil and gas leasing.  He promised "no more drilling on federal lands." He killed the Keystone Pipeline, also killing thousands of jobs, and the availability of affordable oil in the United States.

Destructive Policies

And he recently signed, arguably, the most damaging legislation in the history of the United States with his "Inflation Reduction Act."  But make no mistake, this legislation has NOTHING to do with inflation, other than make it worse.  This is all about climate. The left worships at the altar of climate change. It's all about the Green New Deal.  They just had to repackage it to get it through.

Nord Stream 2 And Eugal Gas Pipelines Construction Continues
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Because of Biden's destructive policies, because we are now dependent again on foreign oil, naturally, gas prices have skyrocketed.  Don't forget, gas was right around $2 a gallon when Biden took office. We know what's happened to them since he's been in office. And despite his desperate attempts to manipulate the market into lower prices... we're still paying more and more.

Decimating the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

So now that mid-terms are approaching, the Biden administration once again dipped into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. He started by releasing 50 million barrels last fall.  And instead of changing his disastrous policies,  he continues to drain our Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to lower gas prices before the mid-terms.  Now the SPR is at it's lowest level since 1985, which leaves American, and Louisiana families vulnerable as we're in hurricane season, and the Russian war with Ukraine continues.

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