TSM Ollie Tyler 2

Campaign season has arrived. Fundraising events are popping up in several races. The most notable is in the race for Mayor of Shreveport. A fundraising event for Mayor Ollie Tyler was held Tuesday night at the Petroleum Club. Most close associates tell KEEL News Tyler is definitely running for re-election, but so far there has been no announcement. A few months ago, I asked Mayor Tyler if she was running for re-election and she emphatically told me "yes".

The invite to the event said "Ollie Tyler for Mayor". It adds: "the maximum contribution is $2500 per individual".

Tyler was the guest of honor at this private "who's who" event at the Petroleum Club. Guests who attended the event tell me it was an "informal campaign kickoff" and that a formal announcement should come soon.

You can see the decorations with 2018 on the balloons. It looks pretty clear that this is the unofficial kickoff of Tyler's re-election bid.

I caught up with the Mayor after the event and she told me "this was not a kickoff. A few friends wanted to do an event and I agreed to be there."  The Mayor added: "But I made it clear this was not a kick off for my campaign. There is no formal committee in place and I have no planned date for an announcement." She did tell me she reviewed the progress she has made as Mayor.

The general election for Mayor is November 6, 2018. The runoff is December 8th.

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