A former Bossier cop loses a round in court. Terry Yetman has been trying to get his trial moved to another community because of publicity in our area. The former Bossier City police officer faces child pornography and animal sexual abuse charges. Bossier District Judge Mike Craig denied Yetman’s request for a change of venue. Yetman was arrested more than two years ago on 40 counts of sex abuse of an animal. Prosecutors say he engaged in sex acts with a dog and also had images of another person performing sex acts on an animal. A year after his initial arrest, Yetman was arrested for possession of child pornography. Yetman's attorney Paul Carmouche does not think his client can get a fair trial in Bossier Parish. He claims news coverage of the story was widespread and social media was spread across our region which will make it difficult to pick a fair and impartial jury. Prosecutors objected to moving the trial and the judge ruled with the D.A.s office on the motion. Yetman claims he is not guilty of the charges. Another hearing on the case is set for next month.

KTBS reports State Troopers found conversations where Yetman describes his desire to "have sex with children, both boys and girls.”  Yetman also discusses wanting to have sex with his own son.

State police did take possession of Yetman's dog, a Belgian Malinois who was sent a to a rescue facility in Texas.

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